When You Arrive You Are Welcomed Home. You Can’t Imagine Leaving.
Visitors find Salon EDDA to be a sanctuary where they shed the outside world. We greet you with a welcoming embrace, always remembering what you love. Here we treat everyone with mutuality, meeting their eye with true recognition. We see you as royalty and commit to tapping your essential beauty. Trained for excellence at all times, we strive to educate everyone to be their best. And in the end we make sure everyone walks out the door photo ready. To ensure an excellent experience we use all natural ingredients in our invigorating, replenishing facials. Our Nail Technicians have years of experience doing gorgeous nails. We offer facial and body waxing at the highest standards for sanitation. For weddings our team is led by National Award Winning Stylist/Owner Edda Coscioni to create stunning looks for your entire party. Our expert make-up artists will enhance your daily look, give you a seasonal update, or give you a make-up lesson. And you have the opportunity to experience the power of Reiki with Edda Cosioni, a skilled Reiki master promoting balance, healing, and inner connection. Salon EDDA is a woman-owned salon that provides soothing, authentic and professional experiences that bring out the essential “you.” Since 1996 we have been passionately supporting our clients and employees to be and look their very best. Located in the heart of Lincoln Park in the historic Bakery Building, the salon is a welcoming oasis. Visit us and escape the bustle of life.
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